Compare your current car loan to find out how much you could save with a refinance car loan

The main reason people refinance their existing car loan is to reduce repayments. This can be the result of changes in their job and their income has reduced, changes to their employment status and they are now contracted or self employed, have an addition to the family, their partner has ceased working or have over committed themselves when purchasing the vehicle.

A car loan refinance could assist in reducing the monthly commitment.


If you decided on the first loan approval provided and didn’t compare, chances are you may be paying more in interest over the loan term than you should. A car loan refinance may help get you into a lower interest rate loan and  could help save you in the long term.

However before refinancing you need to consider the type of loan product you have, any early termination fees and charges your lender may have as this may reduce any savings in interest.

It’s your choice!

Before deciding to refinance your existing car loan you need to take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of car loan refinancing so as to make an informed decision on what’s suitable to your needs and objectives.

Contact our experienced finance consultants on 1300 350 118 to discuss your car loan refinance options.

Having the right person on your side is essential in gaining a suitable car refinance loan.

Tailored Loans

  • Loan terms from 1 – 7 years
  • Fixed rate options

Same Day Approvals

  • In most circumstances we can obtain same day approvals for car loan refinance.

Flexible repayment options

  • Choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayment options to suit your budget and needs.
  • Make additional repayments when required.
  • Flexibility to repay the car loan sooner

Easy document signing process

  • Our mobile car finance consultants can come to you or you can sign remotely via email.
  • We take care of your loan process from start to finish and explain the features and benefits of your car loan refinance in full prior to signing.


If you’re still researching and are unsure on whether a car loan refinance is going to be suitable. You can obtain an obligation free loan decision.

  • Refinance Loan Decision gives you the flexibility of deciding whether a refinance will be suitable to your needs and budget without feeling pressured into signing paperwork.
  • Gives you more power in budgeting.
  • Allows you time to consider your options.

To obtain a car loan refinance, you will need to go complete the online loan application which could record a credit enquiry on your credit file. APPLY NOW.