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Buying a vehicle is a tremendous financial undertaking. It is a decision you need to carefully consider, ensuring it is the ideal buy for both your current budget and future finances. Most of us feel unsure about what we need, whether we should apply for auto finance in Brisbane, what we can afford or what questions to ask. This can lead to a drawn-out process and costly mistakes being made.

Here is what you should avoid doing when buying a vehicle.

Buying The First Car You Find 

Never purchase the first car you find. Many of us forget to look at different models, prices and even dealerships. We do not ask for quotes to compare and this can be a big mistake. You may lose out on a better offer elsewhere. So it is essential that you have thoroughly looked into all your options in the market.

Underestimating Your Negotiation Skills 

This happens more than you realise. People assume that salespeople are going to give them shrewd deals regardless of how they negotiate. They underestimate the power of comparing quotations and asking the right questions upfront. However, this can be useful in securing the best purchase for yourself, potentially saving you money in the future.

Forgoing Getting Pre-Approval

This can be a significant misstep on your part. Pre-approved finance can ensure you are not paying exorbitantly high-interest rates with the dealership’s financial provider. Going in with your own research and finance broker will be beneficial in making a financially sensible purchase.

Deciding Against Warranty Cover 

People rarely ever plan for rainy days, which is why so many choose against taking out warranties on their new purchases. Unfortunately, the unexpected can happen, and it is never something we budget for. Take our helpful iCREDIT warranty quote quiz online to determine how much you could be paying.

Mistakes happen and this can also be why so many people feel anxious when they embark on the car-buying journey. They are afraid of paying more than they planned to.

Using the services of reputable financial providers such as iCREDIT when purchasing your new vehicle can decrease the pressure on your decision. We provide comprehensive solutions for auto finance in Brisbane. Give us a call to see how we can assist you.

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