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Are you looking for a way to finance trucking? Buying one of these vehicles at an auction could be a lucrative option. Very often, auctions offer vehicles at significantly reduced prices and so there are good deals to be had.

There are generally many makes and models to choose from, giving you a variety of choices to suit your needs. Because auctions allow for truck purchases to be executed very quickly, you may be able to finalise the deal on the same day.

Let us take a look at a few tips for success at a truck auction:

Explore Financing Options

Before going to a truck auction, it is important to secure pre-financing approval. Doing so allows you to bid confidently within your well-defined financial limitations. When securing financing, it is important to compare financing options to secure the most favourable terms and interest rates possible.

Consider obtaining financing from specialised lenders for trucking auctions, as they often provide more favourable rates and terms.

Do Your Research

Prior to bidding, do everything you can to review trucks that are being sold, such as assessing their market prices and typical auction selling prices. Doing so will help you set realistic expectations in terms of the kind of budget you will need to purchase the kind of truck you are after.

Carry Out Inspections At The Auction

One risk associated with buying trucks at auction is the limited previous owner information available. This could lead to unforeseen costs down the line, such as extensive repairs or maintenance.

Most auctions allow for inspections of the vehicles on offer in the days leading up to the auction or on the day of the auction itself. If you attend such an event, you should have a chance to thoroughly inspect the vehicle you are interested in to ensure it is in proper working condition.

It is highly advisable that you bring a mechanic or technician with you to inspect the truck’s condition and provide expert insight. By doing so, you can avoid purchasing a vehicle that needs costly and extensive repairs.

Make Sure You Understand Auction Procedures

Buying a truck at an auction is a unique experience. If you have never purchased at an auction before, attend one first just to spectate before actually participating. This will help you get a better understanding of how the auction functions and the procedures and strategies involved.

Competitive bidding wars can inflate prices beyond your means. When attending an auction It is important to stick to your bidding limit, which is determined by your budget..

Make sure that you monitor the trends of the auction to determine how bidding is progressing and adjust your strategy accordingly. The key is to be strategic and know when to walk away.

At iCREDIT, we can help you secure the financing you need to successfully bid at an auction. We finance trucking and a variety of other purchases by helping you source and compare different loan options. Contact us now to get the best rates and terms.

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