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When applying for any kind of finance, lenders assess your creditworthiness by analysing various factors, including your other debts, to determine whether you can afford the loan.

Therefore, before comparing car finance in Tweed Heads, consider how an auto loan might affect your ability to be approved for a mortgage.

Debt To Income Ratio

One of the most important things lenders consider is your debt-to-income ratio. The more debt you already have, the less you will be able to take on as new debt. This means figuring out what you can afford before applying for a loan is important.

If your car has high monthly repayment instalments, this might affect your eligibility for a mortgage, especially if the rest of your income cannot comfortably cover a new loan. Having a high debt-to-income ratio means you are a higher risk, and so you will either be denied a mortgage outright, approved for a much smaller amount than you need or forced to pay very high interest rates.

If you already have a car loan with big repayments, you can reduce these by either paying down your car loan as much as possible before applying for a mortgage to reduce the amount owed or by refinancing the car loan to reduce the monthly repayments. By doing this, you can improve your debt-to-income ratio, reducing the impact on your mortgage loan application.

Credit Behaviour

Having a car loan – or any other kind of debt for that matter – does not necessarily disqualify you from a mortgage application. What is more important is your credit behaviour.

Lenders are principally interested in whether you pay your instalments regularly, in full, and on time. Any instances of defaulting on your debts can stain your credit rating, which will count against you when applying for a mortgage.

On the flip side, a car loan can indeed be a good thing, as it can demonstrate good and responsible credit behaviour. This will count in your favour when you apply for a mortgage.

Car loans tend to be one of the first types of credit that lenders look at to assess borrower behaviour, as they are generally the largest type of loan that most people will have next to a mortgage.

Let the iCREDIT team help you compare car finance in Tweed Heads to find the best possible loan terms to minimise the impact it might have on future mortgage applications. Contact us now to find out more or simply apply online now.

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