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Do you remember that awesome car in the movie series ‘Fast and Furious’ that always made you say, “That is one hell of a car!” The very same car ridden by the famous late actor Paul Walker. And that car was a Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, the signature vehicle of Brian O’Connor aka Paul Walker. Well, this year Nissan brings you a new beastly successor of the Skyline series that will surely make you go awe! While many of us have played video games or put up posters in our childhoods this car was a must on the list for all who loved fast cars, and the new Nissan GT-R 2015 is going to take place in a grown-up’s garage, if he’s up for it!

The Nissan GT-R is a 2-door sports coupe and was first released in Japan at 2007. Although it is the successor of the famous Skyline GT-R, it is now spaced out from the Skyline Range. In this New Year’s GT-R, Nissan has brought you a revolutionary change. Because with the Recaro leather accented front seats, matching red leather on both the door pulls and the shift lever make a perfect combination with a finishing of red accents on steering wheel.  With this perfect combination the bond between the driver and his precious GT-R will go into a whole new level!


When you’ll strap yourself inside and start the engine an exhilarating yet thrill will run down your spine. Because the roar you hear when press the accelerator is the sound of a 3.8-litre twin turbo V6 engine which produces an implausible 404kW and 625Nm of torque between 3200 and 5800rpm. Each of the engines being hand-build by its own special technician and amazing futuristic equipment gives the Nissan GT-R a 2.7 seconds time limit to reach 0-100km/h!

The premium mid ship design and the aerodynamics helps your car go really fast despite carrying a bit of a weight and also keeps you on the ground. Tested on one of the world’s most dangerous circuit tracks- the new GT-R is close to being the safest high performance car in this era.

The advanced aerodynamics not only creates down force but also work to cool the engine, transmission and brakes. It operates by creating two flows of air, where one cools of the interior and the other creates down force preventing you and your car from flying off to the sunset! Cause the point of driving a car is to keep it on the ground! Right?

Not just the engine but the transmission of the GT-r are built by the one and only Takumi. They are hand built in a dust-free clean room and each engine carries the nameplate of the Takumi. While other super cars engines are made by hands this type of attention are usually reserved for F1 vehicles.

As for the transmission, you will feel the difference when the gear is into top speed mode. The hindering force of the shock absorber is fixed. The transmission also splits the torque between the front and rear wheels, giving you brilliant cornering performance and attuned acceleration on any road surface. So, if up for a mood just select the R mode and take your super car for a hot lap.

This super-fast beast not only stands out in the respect of performance but also for tech support. The brand new GT-R is integrated with 11 speakers and 2 sub-woofers in the centre-rear seat palace. The audio system is a premium BOSE audio system.

There is also a multi functioning 7 inch LCD touchscreen complete with media functions, phone modes and in-dash GPS. It also contains port for your i-pod, i-phone or any android phones. It also has Bluetooth connectivity so you can sync your phone wirelessly and stream your tunes. The most fascinating part is, it has a hard drive of 10 GB storage of its own, so you can even store playlists and your favourite tunes in your car! Pretty Cool? I know!

The LCD monitor also serves you by showing you various data points improving your driving experience. The monitor will show you any of the following displays:

  • Vehicle mechanical info like water temperature, oil temperature and oil pressure.
  • Accelerator, brake, steering and G-Forces.
  • Optimum gear selection for fuel economy.
  • Trip distance info including HDD satellite navigation with 3D mapping.

While also containing the specs like the original GT-R, the Nissan GT-R Premium has some awesome extra features that will make your purchase absolutely worth it. From LED daytime running lights, LED tail and brake lights, body colour spoiler, and mirrors, you will also get aluminium door handles which provides better aerodynamics to UV reducing solar glass on the windows and 5-inch polished exhaust pipes. And that are some features that will surely put you in a unique position!

Like various other famous sports cars the Nissan GT-R has a unique signature like feature that makes it stand out from others. And that is their complex yet technologically spectacular manufacturing method.

The design of the GT-R cockpit is centred around the driver, concentrating on a wholesome driving excitement. All you need for your ultimate driving experience is pointed right at you providing you a large amount of convenience.

Also, compared to other sports cars, it consumes a lot less amount of fuel. So you will be saving up a lot of money in this case. You will also get two rear seats on this car and a decent amount of space in your trunk. While the rear seats aren’t exactly the most comfortable you still get extra two seats in a sports car. That’s something!


While having so many good features there are a few bad features that are bound to be. First of all, the GT-R is quite expensive depending on the brand. Because let’s be honest: if you’re going to spend over $150,000 on a luxury supercar, you will probably want your car to be something more unique.


Despite being expensive and not having the same brand recognition, the Nissan GT-R will be on your mind once you have heard the roar of its power. Also, owning the same class of the car that a famous celebrity used as his signature ride? That’s a chance you shouldn’t pass on!

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