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Purchasing a car can put a huge dent in your bank balance, which is why so many people decide to take out car finance to help with the purchase.

Outside of the fact that car finance enables you to keep your savings, it also has several other advantages that you may not have considered.

Better Car

To start with, you can buy a better car. Scrimping to save for an older model or used car, may mean having to do so again soon. Having the ability to purchase a newer and better model car could mean less servicing and a longer lasting vehicle, saving you more money in the long-run.


Getting finance for a car can sometimes be easier than a standard bank loan and with recent changes in the finance industry, can mean your interest rate and overall loan package is more suited to your needs.


Becoming more mobile could mean a better job or more financial opportunities, which lenders look at when you apply. This means that sometimes even people who have a bad credit score receive successful car finance offers.


Some car loans can also be better than other standard loans because they come with added benefits. It is important to compare loan offers in order to find the right one to suit you with the lowest interest rate and best benefits.

iCREDIT offers many different types of car finance options, including: secured car loans, prestige car loans, car loan re finance and car loans for pensioners. Our dedicated finance consultants can help you find, compare and choose car finance suitable to your budget and requirements. Whether you’re buying your first car or updating your business vehicle, our experience can help you decide on a loan suitable to your needs.

If you’re in need of a car, an upgrade on your current vehicle or looking to add a bit of prestige driving into your life, a car loan could be the best move for you.

Contact your personal car finance consultant on 1300350118 today for an obligation free finance quote or fill in the quick quote form.


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