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When shopping for auto finance in Tweed Heads, there are several things to keep in mind to avoid becoming a victim of unpreparedness. Purchasing a car is a large commitment that requires a significant amount of money. When working with such large sums, it is vitally important to be cautious and act with methodical decisiveness rather than haphazard impulsiveness.

With that in mind, here are some common pitfalls to avoid when seeking to purchase a new car.

Going For Unnecessary Add-Ons

When purchasing a car, the salesman will inevitably try to pack in as much as possible into the deal, including additional features that you may or may not need. Some add-ons might be paint or interior protection, extended warranties or gap insurance, which can be expensive, driving up the cost of the car.

Ensure that you only pay for the features that you will actually use and need and cut out as much fluff as possible. This can significantly reduce your overall cost of the car. Only purchase the add-ons you really need.

Failure To Research 

Not doing your research can lead to bad deals and disappointment. Adequate research before committing to the purchase of a car will better equip you to negotiate with the salesman and be aware of the costs, prices and other options available elsewhere in the market. Doing research will help ensure that you do not end up paying for a car with features you don’t need at an unreasonable price.

Focusing Only On The Monthly Payment 

Focusing only on the monthly instalments can lead to overlooking the bigger picture. While it is important to ensure that your monthly repayments are affordable, it is also important to consider the total cost of ownership of the vehicle, including interest and fees, over time.

Taking on a bad car loan might end up costing you far more than the car is actually worth, even though your monthly payments seemed reasonable.

While it is important to make sure you can pay every month, it is also important to ensure that your car is paid off as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary interest.

If you are looking for auto finance in Tweed Heads, we at iCREDIT are ready to help. Contact us today to speak to an expert.

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