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If you love the outdoors and want to be the proud owner of a four-wheeler, then a quadbike loan may be the right option for you.

It may just be that you need an ATV loan to run your property more efficiently, but even if you just want a new weekend toy leisure finance is available for you.

When most people think of loans, they think of their car loans, equipment loans, house loans, etc. All the practical reasons for why one would need a loan, but it’s equally important to follow your dreams and live your ultimate lifestyle.

Instead of saving for years to purchase a leisure item, signing up for a leisure loan could mean living your dream life today instead of years down the track. If you can afford the repayments, why not purchase a quadbike today? A leisure loan can be the difference between purchasing your quadbike rather than waiting for an unknown future date.

Unlike a car loan, a leisure good is classed as a ‘want’ item.

It’s their occasional use that makes them so. Cars are used every day to navigate to and from work, but quadbikes or ATV’s are only used from time-to-time. This makes leisure loans a little trickier than other types of loans.

Finding a financial company to help with your leisure loan can mean the difference between repayments you can afford or a loan that’s outside of your budget. Finding a suitable quad bike loan can also mean the difference between interest rates and fees.

iCREDIT has access to more lenders and loan options today than ever before, which means we can help you find, compare and choose a suitable leisure loan for you. Leisure goods can be difficult for banks to lend against and many often offer less than ideal loan approvals. We understand the complexities of leisure finance and by discussing your needs and loan objectives with us, we can help find a loan package suitable to your budget, goals and lifestyle.

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