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Refinancing your home may sound like an overwhelming and perhaps even impossible task, but for many homeowners, it becomes a vital exercise in reorganising their finances and family assets. There are several reasons why refinancing might be the right choice for you or considerations that could make you realise it is not a fit for your goals or circumstances.

At iCREDIT, we welcome the opportunity to help guide you through your unique situation and give you tailored advice in terms of your home loan finance for the Gold Coast.

Reasons Refinancing Could Be A Good Choice

Refinancing your home loan can, at times, be ill-advised. For example, if you were hoping to consolidate your debt and your specific repayment term would mean incurring interest that made the overall payments far greater than simply getting a straight loan and adhering to your current repayment term, it might not be the best choice. However, some scenarios create the opportunity to benefit greatly from a refinancing option in both long term and short term applications, such as:

  • Being able to pay off your mortgage faster
  • Finding a repayment plan that is better suited to your updated financial situation
  • Clearing unhealthy debt
  • Adding value to your property or completing upgrades
  • Having the opportunity to pay less in the long term to settle your mortgage
  • Negotiating smaller monthly repayments
  • Incorporating other debts into a loan with much lower interest rates

Now, some instances may require that you pay penalties for repaying your home loan early, but we may be able to offset this cost through your repayment savings. We promise to keep you informed about fees or charges so that the entire process is transparent and easy to assess. That is exactly why we offer an obligation free comparison! You might just save thousands of dollars, reduce your home loan term, and make sure you aren’t paying any unnecessary interest.

Our Team Is Standing By

For home loan finance for the Gold Coast that offers you the very best fit for your circumstances, talk to our iCREDIT by calling 1300 350 188 or use our online contact form.

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