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The convenience of having your own vehicle in 2022 is simply unmatched. It offers an owner freedom, comfort and fulfilment. It is advantageous to the go-getter who needs a car to get to work frequently or the avid traveller who enjoys weekend adventures. Owning your own vehicle, whether it’s your first or tenth, allows you the freedom of moving around without relying on e-hailing services or public transport. And if you are in the market for a new one, you may have a few requirements.

Fuel efficiency, space or even versatility of your vehicle are important considerations before searching for Brisbane car finance solutions. But what about going electric?

Electric vehicles are quickly becoming a popular choice for many because they have several advantages over fuel-run cars. We explore some of these below.

Utilising Cleaner Energy

With fuel prices skyrocketing around the globe currently, the most cost-effective vehicle is an electric one. Electric cars rely on renewable energy sources, which are generally healthier for the environment as a whole. But the biggest reason why you should go electric is that it is cheaper to charge up your car than it is to fill it up with fuel currently.

Driving Greener 

Sustainability is becoming a major priority in almost all aspects of life these days, and cars are no different. Choosing an electric car is a sustainable choice because it produces fewer carbon emissions and uses renewable energy sources to operate.

Lowering Your Bills 

Electric cars have been designed for less maintenance and servicing. These engines are built quite differently from the average vehicle. Hence, they require less work over time to continue running in excellent condition. Electric cars also do not require oil, which means no oil changes in the future to budget for.

With climate changes becoming more erratic and fuel prices continuously wavering so much, electric vehicles can add great value to your life for now and long term. Additionally, because the demand for these vehicles is increasing, the resell value is also a factor to consider, as one can make an excellent sale on their electric vehicle in the future.

Ready to invest in your electric car? We can assist with providing you with a comprehensive and customised Brisbane car finance package to get you moving. We can finance your new or preowned electric vehicle, help you with a simple and transparent process and offer our expert advice to make the best decision. Contact us today at iCREDIT and speak to one of our consultants about what your financial goals are – we can help you reach them.

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