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Whether you are a new buyer entering the vehicle market or an established buyer, second-hand vehicles are often the most sought after options. Purchasing a used car has several benefits that you will not get with a new car. You can stay on budget and even save on your insurance premiums when you choose second-hand. And while you go car shopping, we can help simplify the process by offering you comprehensive and competitive auto finance in Tweed Heads.

However, when choosing second-hand, there is another important decision to make – whether to buy  from private sellers or dealerships. Both have their own benefits and disadvantages.

Private Sellers Cut Out The Middle Man 

Essentially, prospective buyers can acquire full car and service history directly from the seller. There is no lengthy back-and-forth when sourcing crucial information. There is also an advantage of being able to negotiate the price further down when done through a personal seller. This can have buyers feeling more sound in their decision, knowing that another person is directly involved in the sale. However, private sellers are not obliged to tell you if they have used substandard parts to repair the vehicle or whether the car has been involved in any accidents, both of which can have detrimental effects in the future.

Dealerships Provide You With Validity 

The biggest advantage of using an accredited dealership is that you are assured any vehicle you purchase will be in excellent driving condition. All service history will be provided, and buyers will be made aware of any damage the vehicle may have encountered previously. Unfortunately, private sales will also not come with a warranty, which is important for buyers’ peace of mind. Dealerships will also only sell you roadworthy vehicles, ensuring they have passed necessary safety checks before putting them on the floor for potential buyers to purchase.

Choosing between a private seller or dealership is a personal choice and needs to be thoroughly examined. Once you are ready to purchase your new second-hand vehicle, speak to us at iCREDIT for market-related financing options. We are the number one leader in auto finance in Tweed Heads. We provide extensive solutions and make sure our terms are easy to understand. Call us today at iCREDIT.

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