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Your horse trailer does so much more than many financial institutions realise. It is still seen as a leisure asset, in other words, an item that is superfluous to need in which a purchase could be avoided or delayed if finances are tight. However at iCREDIT, we know that for many people, this is simply just not true. A horse trailer is an essential item – not only to transport your equine companions safely but to safeguard the asset value they represent. If you are a professional equestrian or farmer, your horse trailer finance becomes an even greater concern. While we know that lenders may not always have the accurate terminology to handle a horse trailer acquisition, we can assure you that our team knows what it takes to get you properly financed.

Factors That Affect Your Application

It is a good idea to be mentally prepared for the finance application process. Here are the factors that will most likely need to be addressed during your horse trailer finance conversations:

  • Horse trailer age – just as we would discuss the age of a vehicle you are purchasing, we would go over the age and assumed condition of the horse trailer prior to financing
  • Horse trailer cost – we would need to know the value of the trailer, or we could give you an assessment to determine the value that you qualify for before you start shopping for your horse trailer
  • Past loan history – the better your previous financial history is, the more effective and competitive your current finance offering will become
  • Credit score – while we encourage you to shop around, remember that your credit score is affected every time a lender runs your credit checks and could ultimately affect the solution you are offered
  • DTI – your debt-to-income rate is a useful and important indicator of the financing solution that is appropriate for your circumstances
  • Revolving debt and credit cards – it takes a holistic approach to determine the financial implications of your horse finance offerings which is why we encourage you to share as much information with us as possible to determine your perfect solution

Finance Your Horse Trailer Today

Talk to our team at iCREDIT about your options for horse trailer finance on the Gold Coast today. Give us a call on 1300 350 118 or reach out using our online contact platform. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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