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Few people have the financial resources readily available to buy a new car with cash. That’s why car financing is such a great option. Essentially, car financing is borrowing money to buy a car and making monthly payments (with interest) until the car is paid off.

It’s important to make sure you thoroughly research any finance company before signing an agreement. There are many different finance providers, all with their own interest rates, payment plans, and finance options. Taking the time to compare car finance providers can save you both money and frustration in the long term. If you’re not sure what to look at when comparing car finance options, iCREDIT is more than happy to guide you.

Loan Amount

First off, you want to ensure that a car finance provider is willing to loan you the amount you need while accounting for your current financial situation. If you have funds available to put down a deposit or are looking to trade in your current car, this can affect the amount you need to borrow. Your current car may still have debt on it, so you’ll want to find a provider that will roll it over.

Interest Rate

Comparing finance options usually starts with comparing interest rates, as a higher rate means a higher monthly repayment. Try to find the lowest interest rate possible, but also find out if there’s anything you can do to qualify for a lower rate with different lenders.

Loan Duration

Loan duration refers to the number of months you are given to repay your car loan. The shorter the term, the higher your monthly repayments. In the long run, a longer-term loan usually results in lower payments, but it usually ends up costing more overall in interest and fees.

iCREDIT Is A Top Financing Provider In Australia

iCREDIT is a top financing provider offering client service that is unparalleled. With professional staff who are available to meet every financing need, iCREDIT stands head and shoulders above the competition. When the time comes to compare car finance options, iCREDIT comes up as the best option every time. To find out more or to get an obligation free quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Give us a call or fill out our convenient online contact form, we would love to hear from you.

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