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Buying and owning your own spa pool in Australia can nett you many hours of pleasure and therapy. However, affording such a luxury outright is not always possible, so you might need to apply for swimming pool finance in Brisbane to pay for it. Thankfully, iCREDIT has excellent swimming pool and spa loans available.

Let’s take a look at some things you need to consider when purchasing and owning a spa pool using credit.

Do Your Research and Make a Budget

This should be true for just about any big purchase, but before you go ahead, you will need to research different options available on the market so that you can choose the best spa pool for the best value for money.

In doing so, consider factors such as its size, the types of features it has available, such as jets, lighting, filtration systems, energy efficiency, and the kind of maintenance it requires. Also, consider the installation costs.

Most importantly, you need to determine what kind of budget you are working with so that you can ensure you commit to monthly repayments you can afford. Remember that a spa pool loan is limited to about $5,000.

Choose the Right Finance Options

You can choose between applying for a secured or unsecured spa loan at iCREDIT. The secured loan is associated with lower interest rates, but one of your assets will be attached as collateral. This means that, should you default, the bank can reclaim it.

An unsecured loan has higher installments, but there will be no collateral attached. This places the lender at higher risk, which means the loan is more expensive for you.

It is important that you consider the interest rates and repayment terms (iCREDIT loan repayment terms range from one to seven years), as this could have significant impacts on your financial circumstances both now and in the future.

Consider any additional fees that could be associated with each option so that you can find the most suitable financing solution for your particular circumstances. Here at iCREDIT, we pride ourselves on helping our customers find the best possible financing solutions by comparing multiple options.

Consider Maintenance and Operating Costs.

Aside from purchasing the spa pool and paying for its installation, owning a spa pool also involves ongoing maintenance and operating costs that need to be factored into your overall budget. If you fail to consider these costs before taking out a loan, you may be faced with a nasty surprise when the day-to-day costs of running your spa pool become a reality.

You will need to factor in expenses such as water treatment, chemicals, electricity for heating and filtration, regular cleaning and the occasional repairs or servicing as required.

Once you have established that a spa pool is within your budget, it is time to start applying for loans so you can get your spa pool installed as soon as possible.

Here at iCREDIT, we can help you attain swimming pool finance in Brisbane for your spa pool. Contact us to discuss our pool loans and establish the right kind of loan for your unique preferences and budget.

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