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What Is Leisure Financing & How Does It Work

Are you interested in applying for leisure finance on the Gold Coast to turn your dreams of owning recreational assets into reality? If so, you need to understand how to get the best possible loan deals by making yourself a more attractive borrower.

How Are Leisure Loans Unique?

Leisure finance is a fairly broad category of lending that generally applies to the purchase of assets such as motorbikes, boats, jet skis, caravans and other similar items. The key uniting factor among these different assets is that they are used for leisure purposes and are therefore generally deemed non-essential. This has an impact on the way that lenders view their funding.

Leisure loans are different from other types of loans, and are in a category of their own. They are similar in nature to a car loan; however, they are different since cars are not generally classified as leisure vehicles.

Leisure loans are also a little different from personal loans. A personal loan is where you are granted a certain amount of money that you can use at your discretion. However, a leisure loan is a loan that is specifically directed to the purchase of a leisure asset, whereupon you are obliged to repay the debt for the asset purchased once it has been granted to you.

In its general structure, it works in the same way as a car loan, where you are obligated to repay the loan over a number of instalments to cover the purchase price with interest. But unlike a personal loan, you will not be granted a lump sum to purchase an asset of your choosing but rather have to apply for a specific ledger asset and then get the loan for that specific asset.

How To Get The Best Leisure Loan Deal

Most leisure loans take the form of a secured loan, whereupon the asset in question will be forfeited should you default on your payments. On the upside, a secured loan usually means lower interest rates, especially if your credit rating is high.

Leisure loans provide you with the option of purchasing from private sellers as well as registered dealers, which gives you a wide range of options.

Generally, qualifying for financing is not difficult if your credit rating is good. It is also easier if you have stable proof of income and are able to put down a deposit upon purchase.

If you are interested in applying for leisure finance on the Gold Coast, then contact us at iCREDIT now! We can help you get started on living your life the way you want.

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