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Knowing how to budget, spend and save your money is an important life skill. It’s not something we automatically know how to do, and it takes discipline. Teaching your children to be money wise, budget and save from an early age, will set them up for their first job, and when they start take on adult responsibilities.

The Best Times to Talk to Your Children About Finance

There are a few excellent times to bring up money around your children. The ATM is a great one, as your children will be able to physically see money coming out of the machine, and going into your wallet. You can explain to them why you’re taking out the specific amount, how you’ve left some behind for later, and how the bank looks after your money for you.

You can also talk finance when doing your groceries. You can tell your children about how much you have to spend, and talk to them about the prices of each item. You can also talk to them about how different brands have different prices for the same product, and let them help you find the cheapest version of the product.

When sitting down to go over your loans and your budget is also the perfect time to talk to your children about money. It helps give children an overall picture about how you finance your house hold costs.

Other great times include booking a holiday and discussing how you saved money for your holiday, or when you’re paying your bills you can discuss how much electricity costs, and why you need it.

You Can Even Get Your Children to Create Their Own Budgets

Allowing children a small amount of money for their own use, and helping them create their own budget is a fantastic way to teach your children about money. You can do things like ask them to buy their own toiletries, or ask them to fund their social lives or buy their own toys.

Any of these actions will have your children on the right path to being finance smart adults!

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