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When it comes to buying a horse float, the choices can be overwhelming. Not only do you need to consider what type of horse float will be suitable to your needs, but you also need to consider where you’d like to purchase it from. Horse Float Dealers are a great option as you can talk to someone who’s passionate about their product and you’ll have background support after purchase, but for some people, buying privately is sometimes an easier option as the float is ready to pick up.

When buying a private sale horse float, you want to have your money ready to go, as a good float will not last on the market.  We wanted to share their tips for financing a private sale horse float.

Horse Float Finance Tip One

One of the most important recommendations we can make, is if needing to finance a private sale horse float is to organise pre-approval float finance.  When you have pre-approval for your horse float, you can stick to your budget and prepare yourself to negotiate with the seller.

Having a pre-approved loan will also help speed up the private sale process. If you’ve got your money ready to go, you won’t have to go to the bank and wait to get approval. Being a lifestyle item, this can add some time to the processing of the loan application by some lenders.

Horse Float Finance Tip Two

When you are looking for horse float finance make sure you use a finance company like iCREDIT, that understands lifestyle goods finance, so can source loans specifically for horse floats.

Most traditional Finance Companies or Banks don’t cater for horse floats and will generally only offer you a personal loan option.

Personal loans often come with restrictions and due to the risk associated with having no security, can have higher interest rates.

By applying for secured horse float finance, you could save paying unnecessary loan interest.

Horse Float Finance Tip Three

Use a financial broker! A financial broker can help you find the best loan to suit your needs.

Buying a horse float through a private sale means you need to do your research and constantly be checking the market for great offers. Your finance broker can guide you through the private sale conditions usually required by banks and also do background checks on the float so you are well protected from any potential fraud or monetary loss.

For more information on horse float finance, call iCREDIT or request a call back. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to walk you through each step.

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