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Very often, when deciding to get horse trailer financing, the factor likeliest to sway you is money. Which horse trailer can you afford the easiest and which one can you receive financing from a credible money lender? Getting past these cumbersome issues is what iCREDIT’s qualified loan specialists are here for. At iCREDIT, we ensure that whatever your needs are in terms of horse trailers, they’re met to the best of our ability. Whether you’re eyeing up a top of the range model or looking for an affordable price through an auction, here are three reasons to consult iCREDIT.

1) We Understand Your Needs

Walk into your nearest bank and request a loan for a horse float and you’ll likely be met with a blank stare or told to come back on another day when the manager is in. Most banks aren’t equipped to deal with loans that aren’t for standard purchases like homes or cars. They won’t understand what you need one for and why you need a particular model over another. You’ll find yourself having to explain yourself constantly – but with iCREDIT, you won’t need to.

2) Get Pre-Purchase Approval

The preferred qualities of a horse trailer are determined by each owner. Finding your ideal one can take days, weeks or even months. If you plan on financing one, why not get pre-purchase financing approval? You don’t need to have found the one before you do so. iCREDIT has a wide range of loan options that provide pre-purchase financing approval. Let us know what your financial needs are, so, should you stumble upon the horse float of your dreams unexpectedly, your financing will be pre-approved, and you can snap it up then and there.

3) Bank Said No? No Problem!

When it comes to financing a leisure purchase such as a horse float, it’s not uncommon for your current financial services provider to reject you outright. It could be that you have a default to your name or have a bad credit score. When this happens, we encourage you to apply with us. We could help you find a ‘yes’ when everyone else has said ‘no’.

Contact iCREDIT for more details: Email: Tel: 1300 350 118

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