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If you are an avid equestrian, you are going to be interested in horse trailer finance in Brisbane. Horse trailer finance is not the same as car finance. In fact, you may not have even known that horse trailer finance was an option! iCREDIT is a finance provider that has all types of finance options available. Here are some things to consider before financing a horse trailer.

Find Out What Is Available To You

Before forking out any cash or signing dotted lines, you need a trusted lender to navigate the most affordable financing options for your situation. When applying for your horse trailer financing with iCREDIT, we help you choose the best low-cost loan. Whether you’re scouting for a brand new or pre-owned horse float, we can help you find the best option to meet your budget and at a good interest rate.

Credit Cards Are Not The Best Option

Though you may be tempted to put a horse float on your credit card, this may not be a wise choice if you cannot pay the credit card off at the end of the month. You may be much better off getting finance due to the different interest types.

Find Out What Is Included

In your application, ask about financing to help you cover the tax, licence and registration fees on your new trailer, should you need help.

Read The Fine Print

As with any legal agreement, read the contract thoroughly, start to finish. Take your time and review your paperwork to ensure you know exactly what you are signing before entering any agreements.

iCREDIT Offers Horse Trailer Finance In Brisbane

Financing a horse trailer could not be simpler with iCREDIT. You can access our panel of Australia’s leading banks and lifestyle finance companies to get the best result for your finance needs.

Whether you are looking to upgrade to a new horse float, purchase a used horse float, negotiate a private sale or bid at an auction, we can help. To find out more about horse trailer finance in Brisbane or to get an obligation free quote, do not hesitate to get in touch! Give us a call or fill out our convenient online contact form. We would love to hear from you.

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