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It used to be the dream of many middle-aged couples (and singles) to spend their retirement years living and exploring the natural beauty that Australia has to offer in a camper, however with travel restrictions over the past 2 years, many younger couples and families are starting to see a benefit in holidaying locally. Whether you are keen on a major sea change and living in a camper full time, or you simply want a camper to take the family on extended road trips; Financing a camper is definitely a fantastic option to help you achieve a camper to holiday in comfort.

Why Buy a Camper for the Family? 

  • Australia Has So Much Natural Beauty To Offer 

Most people spend their working lives indoors or behind a desk, so when a long weekend or annual leave comes around, your family can enjoy the national parks and small towns not normally visited when flying. A camper makes doing this all the easier.

  • Visit Friends And Family 

Caravan Parks are a great way to build up a network of friends and with family scattered all around the country. Visiting them in your camper means no hotel costs or inconvenience to extended family by staying with them.

  • Independence And Freedom 

Campers offer freedom for a quick weekend away without too much planning allowing the kids to explore their adventurous spirit!

  • Follow The Good Weather 

Having a camper means that you can move where the weather is without having to rebook accommodation, flights or transport.

Camper Financing Made Easy By iCREDIT 

Let’s face it, campers can be very expensive, especially since they are considered as ‘leisure items’. Many families are saving the cost of international travel by adding an asset that can be used time and time again. With interest rates decreasing, iCREDIT are able to compare lenders, loans, interest rates and fees to ensure your gaining the lowest overall cost loan available from our panel.

Learn more about what we offer in terms of camper financing, and get in touch with us should you have any questions!

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