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When making financial decisions for the future, many of us weigh up all of our options. Whether we are thinking about a new home or adding another vehicle to our garage, it is important to consider all our options thoroughly. Buying new, purchasing second-hand or even renting each comes with its advantages and disadvantages. This is no different when considering a campervan. You may be evaluating camper trailers finance in Robina or searching for reputable rental companies in the area.In this article, we explore both so that you can make an informed decision.

Is Renting For Me? 

Rentals are a reasonable option for those who only plan on using their campervan once or twice a year. It offers affordability to those who do not have the funds to purchase their own,  and there are no additional costs you will need to pay after renting one out.

However, the disadvantage of using a rental is that it is not yours. It belongs to a rental company, which makes you responsible for any accidents or issues on the open road. Although you can take out additional insurance to cover the rental costs, it is not always sufficient for unexpected events.

Is Buying For Me? 

Buying a new or preowned campervan can also be a sensible option for those who are avid travellers and frequently plan getaways. The advantage of buying one with financial assistance is that it is a good investment for the future. You can save travel costs in the years to come and plan new and exciting holidays every summer ‒ all in your own space.

While there are considerations such as insurance and fuel to think about, these are also applicable to renting. You can have peace of mind knowing that your campervan is in excellent condition because of your regular maintenance schedule. You can be assured that only high-quality parts have been used when replacements may be needed. And you can also be sure that your campervan has been used responsibly on the road before.

Deciding whether to purchase your campervan with financial assistance or rent out a motorhome for your holiday plans can be a tough task. You will need to examine your lifestyle and needs and then determine which is the better fit for your requirements.

If you have chosen to buy yours and are comparing camper trailers finance in Robina, consider our solutions at iCREDIT. We offer comprehensive packages and competitive rates to help you get moving. Speak to us today!

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