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For the weekend adventurers who enjoy taking leisure in the great outdoors, purchasing a camper is a sound decision. Owning your own camper comes with many benefits that you can take advantage of ‒ from charting new travel itineraries, having the flexibility of travelling with ease and having your own comfortable space. In addition, campers afford owners versatility, with moveable accommodation that will reduce travel costs. These are all significant bonuses and can encourage you to consider camper financing for your travel plans this year.

What Do I Need From My Camper? 

Chances are you will be going off the beaten track and campers are built for different types of getaways. You need to assess how much travelling you intend to do with one, where you will be going and factor maintenance and insurance costs into your purchasing decision too. You also need to ensure you are paying for a camper that meets your space requirements and is in good working condition, with minimal additional work needed to utilise it fully.

Should I Buy New Or Preowned? 

New campers are shiny, in excellent working condition and ready to hit the open road. But that should not deter you from looking at pre-owned campers either. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. New campers will be exorbitantly priced, but you can be assured of a camper that hasn’t been tampered with and has no history. On the other hand, pre-owned campers are slightly less expensive, but they can come with an extensive and long history of maintenance and repairs, which can affect their usage long term.

How Should I Set My Budget? 

You need to assess your budget by seeing how much you can afford to spend on a camper. Choosing the first financial offer presented to you is unwise. You need to calculate how much you can afford to repay your loan monthly. Determining how long your loan term will also make a big difference to your future finances. Lastly, you need to add maintenance costs and insurance to ensure you have a comprehensive idea of what you will be spending.

You may be set on purchasing a new or even pre-owned camper and may skip imperative considerations by just seeking out any type of camper financing. However, we believe these are important questions to ask yourself before starting the purchase process.

iCREDIT can help you make the best financial decision for yourself with our competitive financing solutions designed to let you reach your financial goals with ease. Call us today to learn more about what our camper financing options can do for you.

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