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Growing companies need business assets, such as a business car. Having a dedicated business car can make business operations easier and boost productivity. Buying a car without financing (cash) can make a serious dent in your business’s cash flow. iCREDIT has some top tips and points to consider when you are looking at business car finance in Palm Beach.

What Is Your Company’s Budget?

Have a look at your company’s structure as this will determine what type of vehicle you need and how many.  Stick to a budget as it’s easy to overspend on your new car if buying based on want, not need. Know your loan repayments and what your Business expendable cash flow is per month, so as not to commit yourself to a higher repayment than what you expect.

Take Some Time To Choose The Right Car

Consider the type of conditions you will require your company car to perform under in order to make the best choice when the time comes. For example, will you need to drive on bumpy roads or in harsh conditions? If so, get a vehicle made for such driving. A car which will be needed in urban areas will be vastly different to a car needed for rural roads. Consider the add-ons available, such as GPS, breaking sensors, speed monitoring systems and the like which could be helpful to your business, especially if you are in an industry that involves moving people or deliveries.

Make Sure You Are Covered With Insurance

Before you set about applying for a loan and buying your business car, take the time to look at your insurance options. With many lenders, you are required to have your car insurance in order before you are allowed to take possession of the car. Find a plan that works for your business’s needs, gives the best coverage and fits your company’s budget.

At iCREDIT, we are the top choice for business car finance in Palm Beach. To find out more about your finance options or to get an obligation free quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We would love to hear from you.

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