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Are you looking for business car finance in Brisbane? If so, the first thing is to negotiate the best price for your dream car. Here are our tips to help you get the best price:


Shopping around for cars can be a drawn-out and seemingly frustrating exercise. Frustration causes buyers begrudgingly to commit to a purchase before applying for auto finance. Often people make a commitment without a chance to negotiate, or lack the know-how to negotiate a better price.

Buyers may get worn down by uncompromising sellers and unfriendly dealerships. They are often trapped by sales tactics in accepting the first offer on the table.

The process of buying a car might appear overwhelming but if you want the best price you cannot avoid the negotiating table.

Sellers will always try to make the most amount of money but it’s just as important for them to keep your interest in the car. Their keenness to make a sale opens a window of opportunity and you should maximise that chance to seize the best price.

Negotiating a lower price is not only financially beneficial to you but also can ensure you are not committed to a long period of repayments on your car-finance loan.

There are four ways to negotiate best price:

  • State your limit: By alerting your seller immediately about your budget you might interest them into a quick sale. They will be encouraged to meet you halfway with the price.
  • Barter with the seller: Set a limit but start negotiating extremely low. You may be surprised to find that a seller is willing to close the sale lower than expected. You may also get agreement from a seller who, for example, wants to get rid of floor-room stock.
  • Ask for a lower price: Before start of negotiations ask for the seller’s lowest price. If this is out of your budget ask the seller to lower the price. If you are frank and straightforward you may get a better deal, saving both parties time instead of becoming bogged down in negotiation on an elusive price.
  • Compare prices: Carefully compare the car you desire with options in the market. Take this information to the seller and show them where you can purchase the same or similar car for a cheaper price. That information will quickly sway them to negotiate.

Once you have selected a car contact us at iCredit for car-finance assistance. We provide auto finance in Brisbane and are a trusted financial provider who can help you secure the car you want . . . quickly.

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