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Much like buying a car, the process can be just as lengthy when it comes to purchasing a motorcycle. You may look at different options, think about payment, seek out motorbike finance and even compare lenders. And just like cars, it is easy to make costly mistakes that can affect you long-term financially. Purchasing a motorcycle is not as simple as it may seem. While it usually is a cheaper investment than a car, it is still an investment.

These are three mistakes you should avoid when buying your motorbike.

Failing To Do Research 

There is just as much homework to do when it comes to motorbikes. If you are a seasoned rider, you may be choosing higher-end models. If you are a beginner, you may consider purchasing a second-hand motorbike which will be more feasible for the time being. You also need to assess your needs and how your motorbike will fit into your lifestyle.

Failing To Negotiate 

If you have done your research, you will have a better idea of market pricing. This gives you an advantage when dealing with dealerships or private sellers, allowing you to negotiate and ask for a lower price tag. Moreso, you can ask dealerships to give you valuable additions, a free service or motorbike detailing, which can make your purchase worthwhile.

Failing To Get Pre-Approval 

Walking into a dealership without pre-approval leaves room for higher repayments. You may be forced to use their specified broker, where you may be unable to compare their financing or assess the interest rates of other providers. But getting pre-approval before you approach a dealership opens up the opportunity to help you negotiate because you will already know how much you can afford on your loan and select a motorbike that meets the specs.

It should never be taken for granted that purchasing your motorcycle will be much easier than, say, a new vehicle. Mistakes can happen that will negatively affect your motorbike finance and result in rejected applications. iCREDIT can make your motorbike riding dreams a reality with our financial products and market expertise. Speak to us today to get started.

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