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Everybody needs transportation, and with bike financing, you can lower the cost thereof, thus reducing the strain of rising living costs.

Check out this bike finance calculator to see how much more affordable a motor bike might be compared to other transportation options, such as a car.

With that in mind, here are three ways that bike financing can help you navigate rising living costs more effectively.

Fuel Savings

Fuel prices have escalated rapidly over the last few years, with no reprieve in sight. By riding a motor bike, you can significantly reduce your fuel expenses, leading to ongoing savings and helping you mitigate the impact of rising fuel prices on your overall budget. Reducing fuel expenses can provide you with a useful buffer against escalating living costs.

Lower Initial Investment

A motorbike is a significantly lower initial investment than a car, allowing you to spread out the cost of purchasing a bike over more time and reduce the immediate financial burden. You can borrow less money than you would for a car and make smaller monthly payments, all while still having the transportation you need to get around.

This can be particularly helpful when faced with rising living costs, as it can free up cash flow to contribute towards more essential expenses such as rent, groceries, utilities, or paying off other debts.

Maintenance and Repair

Many bike financing options offer maintenance and repair coverage as part of the loan package, which is particularly useful in a time of rising living costs. Unexpected maintenance or repair costs can significantly strain an already tight budget.

With this type of coverage included in the financing agreement, you can have peace of mind that any repairs or maintenance will be covered, thereby reducing the financial stress associated with owning such an asset.

In addition, motorbike repairs tend to be less expensive than car repairs, further adding to the benefit of owning one.

If you are looking to ease the strain of rising living costs, use iCREDIT’s bike finance calculator to find out how much a bike loan might cost and what you can afford. Contact us to find out more, or apply now online to get the process started without delay.

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