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Boating is no longer an elite, inaccessible pastime of the very rich. It is quickly becoming a fulfilling hobby for the average person these days. From providing a relaxing way to destress from your day-to-day problems to improving your overall health, boating offers it all. And once you are ready to start shopping for your new boat, you may think that securing reasonable quotations for boat loans on the Gold Coast is the only consideration you need to make.

However, purchasing your first boat is more than choosing from a catalogue. You need to make a decision after exploring several aspects which can impact your financing of the boat. At iCREDIT, we have put together a comprehensive list of questions to help get you started on your boating journey.

What Type Of Boat Do You Need?

Setting a budget can quickly narrow down your options of what boats you can include in your decision process. However, we suggest understanding your needs and reasoning behind why you want a boat before considering the budget. Deciding where you want to sail your boat, how many people you can accommodate on it and stowing fees will all be vital to your decision. If you intend to use your boat on local waters with just your family and have plans to store it at the marina, you may find yourself looking for a smaller boat.

What Type Of Finance Will You Need? 

Whether you are buying a new or second-hand boat may affect your boat loan. As well, warranties, insurance, maintenance and registration of your boat will all impact your finances. At iCREDIT, we specialise in boat financing tailored to your needs.

Should You Use A Dealership? 

We highly recommend you purchase your boat from a reputable trader or dealership. This ensures that you are purchasing a boat in excellent working condition, whether it is new or secondhand. It also ensures that the seller abides by industry standards and regulations. But do not simply go with the first seller you find. It is important to communicate your specific requirements. Compare quotations and boats and ask dealerships for the best boat deals. Your salesperson may be willing to offer you maintenance plans at a discounted rate or value-added accessories.

Purchasing your first boat does not need to be a daunting process. By asking yourself these questions, you can assure yourself that you are making a sound financial decision. At iCREDIT, we can offer you custom boat loans on the Gold Coast to ensure you can finance your dreams at competitive rates. We can assist you throughout the buying process, so speak to one of our financial consultants today.


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