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Owning a camper trailer in Australia can provide you with a significant amount of vacation freedom along with a range of other benefits. If you want to have cost-effective holidays, then you might want to consider applying for camper trailer finance.

Let’s take a look at two key approaches to financing a camper trailer and how to make the most of either approach:

Secured Camper Loan

One of the most common options for acquiring camper trailer finance is to secure a loan using the camper trailer itself as collateral.

Financing your camper trailer in this manner can provide you with several benefits, most notably that the interest rate will most likely be lower compared to unsecured loans. By attaching the caravan as collateral for the loan, the lender perceives less risk. Naturally, interest rates will also always be influenced by your credit rating.

With this kind of loan, the repayment terms are usually fixed, giving you the opportunity to plan your budget to ensure that you can repay the loan in full without any hiccups. This type of loan is generally more easily approved. The downside is that the camper trailer will be forfeited if you fail to repay your loan on time.

Unsecured Personal Loan

If you decide that you don’t want to have the camper trailer used as collateral, then an unsecured personal loan can be applied for.

The lender views this kind of loan as more risky as there is no collateral attached. Therefore, it is likely that the interest rate will be higher compared to traditional secured loans. In addition, unsecured personal loans typically limit the amount owing due to the higher degree of risk.

While the interest rates might be higher, the benefit of having an unsecured personal loan is that your camper trailer won’t be forfeited if you default on the loan. However, it does place you as the borrower at more personal risk, as there is no set collateral that can be claimed back to settle the debt, and you might have to dig into your other assets to repay your debts should you be unable to pay.

Maximising Either Option 

The best option will become apparent through comparison.

Different lenders will prescribe different interest rates depending on a variety of factors, the most important of which is your credit history. Therefore, when comparing loan options, it is best that you compare different interest rates between lenders to get the best deal.

It is also critical that you fully understand the repayment terms and that you do not accept repayment terms that stretch your budget too thin, as this could lead you into trouble..

Before signing on for a loan, ensure that you have negotiated the best possible repayment schedule for your particular circumstances. This includes the duration and frequency of payments, as well as the size of each payment that is expected.

Additional costs should also be taken into account, such as application fees and early repayment fees, as well as insurance costs and other hidden costs. These should be factored into your budget so that you are not caught off guard and unable to pay the loan.

To get help in applying for and comparing different loan options, contact us at iCREDIT today. We have lots of experience helping customers get good deals on their camper trailer finance.

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