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Extended travel periods, regular family getaways or kinship with nomadic life – whatever your reasons, your camper financing solutions should fit in with your lifestyle. At iCREDIT, we offer leisure asset loans that accommodate not only your lifestyle and goals but meet your capacity in terms of affordability and structure (such as repayment term) needs.

Our Comparison Guidelines

When it comes to discussing your options, we want you to feel comfortable and confident – and most importantly – fully informed. Here are all the things you need to consider when preparing your financing solution and we would be happy to discuss these in detail with you when the time comes:

  • Overall loan repayment amount – it is important to know how much the total repayment will be including all considerations, fees, and interest
  • Interest rate – there are a number of factors that influence interest rates and we can discuss this during a consultation with you
  • Loan fees – we offer fiscally sound solutions at competitive rates, understanding any potential incurrences of costs is important
  • Loan term, i.e. the period of repayment – shorter repayment terms generally equal larger monthly payments and longer terms offer smaller instalments, although the end total may be higher due to interest and loan type
  • Repayment/instalment amounts as per the schedule – understanding your commitment and responsibility towards your loan repayment is key. From regular instalments to balloon payments, we will guide you through it all to determine the right balance for your circumstances
  • Affordability and budget – this must be considered when considering your financial obligations to repay the loan: is money available in your monthly budget to accommodate this? i.e. Are the repayments feasible and affordable for you?
  • Loan types – here we discuss the various options available to you in terms of loan structure, taxation, security and so on, i.e. all factors that will determine the exact makeup of your financing solution

Apply Today And Get Your Dream Camper

The iCREDIT team is experienced in creating camper financing solutions that cater to various situations or requirements. Find out more by calling 1300 350 188 or use our online contact form.

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