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As your business grows, you will start to find that using your personal vehicle for business matters such as deliveries, sales travel or transporting clients becomes impractical. The time may come to make the decision to buy a designated business car. However, the decision does not end there.

When buying a new car for your business, you have the option to buy it with cash upfront or make use of business car finance. Many steer clear of taking loans or finance options with a fear of incurring debt, but buying a business car on finance with a reputable company can be beneficial to your business.

Buying A Business Car With Cash

If you have the money available, buying a vehicle with cash upfront is always an option. Cash, however, is not always the right option. For one thing, it can take a long time to save up enough money to buy a good vehicle, money that could be put towards other investments. Additionally, investing your cash wisely can yield a much higher return.

Buying A Car With Finance

Vehicle finance is the more common choice for those looking to buy a business car. It can be the better option for buying a business car for a few reasons:

  • You could finance the car’s entire cost
    There is no need to save up for a business car or even get a partial amount together. As long as the monthly finance repayment is manageable for you, you can have a business car as soon as you need it, great for anyone with urgent needs for a business vehicle.
  • Tax deductions
    Check in with your accountant about your tax deductions. You may be able to claim interest on a financed business car loan, insurance and repairs.
  • More available cash
    Spending a large amount on a car upfront can be impractical, leaving you with less cash available for other investments or emergencies.

iCREDIT: A Top Provider Of Business Car Finance Options

Financing a car for your business can be smooth sailing when you have a progressive finance provider at your side. At iCREDIT, we have a team of industry-leading financial brokers who are there to help you find the best financing option for your new business car.

If you are interested in hearing more about your business car finance options, feel free to contact us to hear more or to get an obligation-free quote to get started.

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