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There are many reasons why people choose a motorbike over a car, and it is a compelling argument. From having the flexibility of being able to park almost anywhere to better fuel efficiency for your short trips, it is a good option. Also, due to economic reasons, many find themselves choosing to downsize for affordability. You may be one of these people and unsure of whether to buy new or secondhand with motorbike finance.

We can help guide you in making the best decision for yourself, but ultimately it comes down to your preference.

Should You Buy New? 

A new motorbike is exactly that: new. It is straight off the assembly line, ready to take on the open road with no previous history. Parts are all brand new, they have not been swapped out and you can be assured that your safety will not be compromised. Newer models are also optimised to run longer and are generally built for performance. Older models may not have the latest technology to drive as smoothly.

However, the biggest concern many prospective buyers have is that new motorbikes are extremely expensive. And this can affect your decision, even if you finance your new motorbike. It is an important factor because maintenance and servicing costs will also add up in the future.

So Should You Buy Second Hand? 

Buying second hand is a popular choice with motorbike enthusiasts because of the price point. The affordability is extremely appealing, coupled with future maintenance bills ‒ it can be the go-to for new buyers. The added advantage of choosing secondhand is that you may have more choices when it comes to older models, models that can be considered vintage and one-of-a-kind machines.

But, the biggest disadvantage of going down this route is you may never know the complete history of your motorbike. Previous owners may have skimped out on regular servicing and chosen poorer quality parts. These can be critical to the condition of the motorbike as well as your safety on the road.

The decision comes down to what you need out of your motorbike. Whether you buy new or secondhand, both need to be compared carefully. And once you have made your decision and are ready for the buying process, call us at iCREDIT for tailored motorbike finance solutions. We prioritise affordability and promise competitive rates and professional service always.

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