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Often, being a small business owner requires you to wear many different hats. From running errands, doing deliveries, meeting with clients and liaising with suppliers, a small business owner does it all. Whatever the company may do, the majority of daily tasks are typically performed by the owner of the business or a small team of employees, including travel. Having a vehicle dedicated to performing duties related to your small business can make a huge difference to your business’s operations. iCREDIT can certainly help you find the best business car finance options to suit the needs of you and your small business.

Keep Your Business Finances Liquid

A small business, especially a young one, can benefit from buying a business car on finance rather than with cash upfront. Buying a vehicle is costly, so having the option to pay off that large amount monthly in small amounts rather than coming up with the total amount all at once gives you more options when it comes to vehicle selection while giving you some financial breathing room.

Employee Satisfaction

The use of a company car is often a huge perk for employees. Having a company vehicle available can draw in a team committed to helping you build your business, as well as avoid any employees feeling unhappy about needing to use their personal vehicles for business purposes.

A Moving Advertising Opportunity

Having a business car offers practical benefits as well as some opportunities. A company car that is being driven around a lot (and seen by potential customers) is just begging to be used for advertising. Your company car can be wrapped with your company’s branding, services and contact details and essentially become a moving billboard advertising your business and getting your business’s name out there.

Visit iCREDIT For Business Car Finance

The iCREDIT team can assist you in finding the best business car finance solution by sourcing finance from Australia’s top banks and equipment finance companies. To find out more about business car finance or get an obligation free quote, simply get in touch! Give us a call or fill out our convenient online contact form. We would love to hear from you.

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