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Applying for leisure finance in Burleigh Heads is as easy as pie when you do it through us at iCREDIT, as we can compare financing options for you to ensure that you get the best loan possible to meet your budget and to help you finance your dreams.

If you want to buy a caravan, a camper trailer, a jetski or perhaps even a boat, then we can help you secure that loan. Leisure loans allow you to enjoy the fun and adventurous lifestyle that you want to live while you are still young enough to enjoy it.

If you are in the market for some leisure financing, then there are several things you should consider very carefully before committing.

Buy New If Possible

When you wish to purchase your leisure item ‒ be it a boat, a caravan, a camper trailer or something else ‒ it is always better to buy it new rather than secondhand.

While you may get a better deal buying secondhand, there are always drawbacks that often only reveal themselves later down the line. You want to have an item that is in perfect condition so that you can enjoy it to its maximum potential.

Moreover, a brand-new item will inevitably come with warranties and service arrangements that are very handy, especially in the early years as you become acquainted with the equipment. Financiers will tend to offer better deals on loans for new vehicles and equipment because they are more valuable than secondhand ones, making it easier to get financing.

Borrow Within Your Means

Since items bought through leisure loans inherently depreciate after purchase, you should only apply for a loan that is within your means to pay back. You want to give yourself and your family a fun and eventful lifestyle, but it should not be at the cost of your financial well-being.

There are more essential bills to pay, so leisure items should be lower on the list of priorities. Make sure that the rates and prices being offered are comfortably within your budget. Do not overextend yourself, as you could end up burying yourself in debt that you cannot get out of.

Stable Income

Taking out a loan of any kind should be measured against this metric. Stable employment and a steady and reliable income are essential so that you can be sure that you will be able to repay the loan without any hiccups along the way.

Not only will this protect you, but it will also ensure that you will have an easier time securing a loan, as lenders will want to be assured of your ability to repay the money reliably. For this, they will want proof of a stable employment history or at least they will want to know that you have sufficient savings in place to cover any shortfalls that may arise, as is the case for many self-employed individuals.

Your Financial Record

When you apply for financing, one of the first things lenders will do is check your credit history and ensure that you have a good credit rating. A sketchy or non-existent credit history will either ensure that you are denied the loan or that you will be given an unfavourable interest rate. Before you apply, it would pay to have knowledge of your credit history to preempt the kinds of offers you will be given.

For more help securing leisure finance in Burleigh Heads, contact us at iCREDIT. We will assist you in securing the best possible loan deal to suit your budget so you can achieve the lifestyle you have always wanted.

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