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Going camping in Australia is an experience like none other. For many Australians, camping is not just a once-off thing but a lifestyle.

If you wish to enjoy the freedom of camping wherever you like, you might want to invest in a camper. Campers are very versatile. They allow for low-cost holidays to just about any destination of your choosing, allowing you to bring all of your gear and paraphernalia along with you wherever you go and to enjoy the comfort of four walls and a roof even though you might be in the great outdoors.

However, campers can be a little pricey, depending on the size and type of camper you wish to purchase. If you want to buy a camper, you will most likely need to source camper financing in Brisbane, which we at iCREDIT can help you secure.

Here are three things you should know when applying for a camper loan.


The camper could be used as collateral. Like with car loans and financing, the vehicle itself serves as collateral. If you cannot pay your monthly instalments, the lender can repossess the camper to make up for the loss.

This means that if you cannot pay your instalments off, you might lose your camper. While this is fairly standard practice, some lenders might offer unsecured loans for campers. These unsecured loans do not require the camper to act as collateral.

However, the risk is higher for the lender, which means you will pay a higher interest rate. That being said, if you have a good credit score, the interest rate on the unsecured loan will be markedly better. Conversely, if you suffer from a poor credit score, your interest rates will be higher and, in some cases, you may not even be approved for the loan at all.

Many Lenders

There is a wide range of lenders out there. Camper dealers typically will have various financing options and lenders they usually work with. However, this does not mean that you have to go this route.

Many banks, credit unions and other lenders are also available, and you should ensure that you compare loan options with all of these different lenders before committing, as deals may vary, which could significantly impact the profitability and affordability of the investment.

By working with a company such as iCREDIT, you can ensure that you will find the best loans possible. We will compare lenders in great detail to find the best possible option.

Depreciating Asset

Campers depreciate significantly after purchase. Therefore be sure that when you purchase a camper, you are buying one for the value you get from using it rather than the value you will get from selling it. Ensure that you buy a camper you can see yourself using for a long time rather than buying a camper you know you will want to sell for an upgrade. You will lose money this way.

Here at iCREDIT, we can help you compare loan options and ensure that you get the best camper financing in Brisbane. Contact us today to get started!

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