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Buying your first motorbike can be both an exciting and daunting time. There is deciding between models, pre-owned or new, taking out motorbike loan and safety considerations that all play a role in your purchase. Whether you choose one for your daily riding needs or weekend adventures, there is much to think about.

This article can help first-time buyers with useful tips and suggestions so that you feel more comfortable with your decision.

Compare Pre-Owned And New Options 

It comes down to personal preference; both second-hand and new motorbikes have their advantages and disadvantages. Pre-owned bikes are less costly but can also have mechanical issues due to previous owners. New ones will be in excellent condition but might be more expensive than what you can afford.

Think About What You Need 

The price of motorbikes varies depending on their types, and it is important to think about what you need yours for. If you plan on using yours daily, you will need a reliable, sturdy one for city driving. If you intend on using it solely on the weekends for driving through winding roads and exploring the countryside, cruisers are more suitable.

Factor In Your Handling Ability 

One needs to correctly assess their driving and handling ability before purchasing a motorcycle. If you are a new rider, you need a bike that matches your skill level. Buying the most expensive one on the market may make you feel intimidated once you realise you are not ready for such an intricate bike.

Budget For Future Costs 

You need to consider how owning a bike will affect your monthly spending. Insurance, servicing costs and fuel consumption will all be regular costs you need to budget for. People often make the mistake of buying a motorbike or vehicle, thinking it is a reasonable price but forget that there will be after-sale costs to consider.

It can be overwhelming if you have never owned a motorbike before. One can feel unsure if it is even the right fit for them. But, after doing your research, we assure you that you will be confident enough to buy yours with motorbike finance from iCREDIT. Speak to us today to learn more about our affordable finance options.

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