Get Personal Cash Loans

iCREDIT offers fast personal cash loans up to $8,000. We help getting approved easier and can even help if you’re receiving Centrelink

Pensioner personal cash loans are available from $3000 up to $8,000 with loan terms up to 36 months.

If you need cash for all kinds of situations including emergencies, car purchase, vet bills, repairs, furniture, holidays, whatever your situation we will do our best to help.


Finding personal finance that’s suitable to your budget and needs can be a time consuming and frustrating process. Your personal finance consultant understands the complexities of loans and finance and can help you find achieve a cash loan suitable to your budget, goals and lifestyle.

Personal Loan Options

Flexible Repayment Options

  • Choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayment options to suit your budget and needs.
  • Make additional loan repayments when required.
  • Borrow for:
  • Car Repairs, Medical Expenses, Holidays and Travel, Education, Household Goods, Repairs and Renovations and more..
  • With interest rates consistently being monitored, we help you find personal finance throughout Australia.

Same Day Answers

  • In most circumstances we can obtain a same day answers for your cash loan, giving you the green light if shopping around.

Tailored Loans

  • Choose a loan term to suit from 1 – 7 years
  • Centrelink cash loans up to 3 year terms
  • Fixed rate option

Easy application process

  • Still researching? Call us on 1300 350 118 for an obligation free quote


Novated Lease

Your financial broker at iCREDIT on the Gold Coast can help you understand Novated Leases! Finance often comes with a lot of overwhelming information, but when you have a proper grasp of it, you [...]