Is it time to update to a new sports cruiser, runabout for the family or commercial boat?

With access to more lenders and loan options today than ever before, we can help you find, compare and choose a suitable leisure loan to suit. Leisure goods can be difficult for banks to lend against and many often offer less than ideal loan approvals.

We understand the complexities of boat loans and marine finance. By discussing your needs and loan objectives with us, we can help find a loan package suitable to your budget, goals and lifestyle.


Unlike cars, boats and marine goods are classed more of a ‘want’ item, meaning most people use their cars everyday to get to and from work, but only use leisure goods occasionally on weekends or when time allows. Leisure goods also are generally customised to suit the individual’s taste, so a boat fitted out to your likes may not suit the next person wanting to buy.

Lenders consider ‘risk’ when providing loans and if the boat is secured against the loan they take into consideration what the return will be should the loan default and the goods sold off by the bank to recover funds.

Unlike cars where they can be sold easily, leisure goods have to attract a specific buyer for that particular item and sometimes buyers are hard to find.

Building Leisure Goods

Quite often leisure goods are built to order. So what to do when financing leisure goods? If securing your boat, runabout or commercial trawler against the loan, the goods would need to be complete before drawing down on the funds with the bank. Should events happen out of your control, having purchased and financed leisure goods that you haven’t taken delivery of can be a major risk to both you and the bank.

So what do you do? The first step is to gain a pre purchase approval. That way you know the lender is happy to provide the funds for your purchase. Your consultant will be able to provide you with the interest rate, repayments and any fees associated with the loan.

Once you’re happy to proceed, then contact the seller  and place an order.

Once the boat is completed, make contact with the consultant and they can reopen your approval, check for any interest rate fluctuations and provide the necessary paperwork to complete your loan.

Benefits of iCREDIT Loans

  • No Deposit Finance
    We can provide no deposit boat financec.
  • You Choose!
    Through accessing Australia’s leading banks and specialist financiers allows you to make an informed decision on your new or used boat  purchase
  • Fast, Flexible, Easy
    Apply online, call us on 1300 350 118 or use our quick quote option for a call back.
  • Competitive Rates
    We consistently monitor current interest rates to maintain and provide the most competitive boat loans in Australia. Our job is to find the best answer possible based on your profile and loan amount.
  • 2nd Chance Boat Loan Option
    Unfortunately bad things happen to good people! So we provide 2nd chance leisure loan options. Our job is to explore every avenue to help gain a suitable loan approval and can assist if you have a black mark on your credit file, short term employment or have been declined by your bank, broker or dealer.
  • Obligation Free
    Most important of all. Obligation Free! Even if you want to compare your current boat loan approval, call us for an obligation free quote.


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