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Secured loans for horse floats are a type of financing where the loan amount is secured by the horse float itself as collateral. This means that if the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender has the right to seize and sell the horse float to recover the outstanding balance.

Here are some key points about secured loans for horse floats:

  1. Collateral: The horse float serves as collateral for the loan. This provides security for the lender, as they have an asset they can claim if the borrower fails to repay the loan.
  2. Loan Amount: The loan amount for a secured loan is typically determined based on the value of the horse float. Lenders may offer up to a certain percentage (e.g. up to 120%) of the appraised value of the horse float as the loan amount.
  3. Interest Rates: Secured loans generally have lower interest rates compared to unsecured loans because the collateral reduces the risk for the lender. The specific interest rate will depend on factors such as the borrower’s creditworthiness, the loan term, and the lender’s policies.
  4. Loan Term: The loan term for horse float loans can vary but is typically between one and seven years. Longer loan terms may result in lower monthly payments but may also mean paying more interest over time.
  5. Repayment: Borrowers repay the loan in regular installments, typically monthly. The repayment amount consists of both principal and interest. It’s essential to make timely payments to avoid defaulting on the loan and risking the loss of the horse float.
  6. Application Process: To apply for a secured loan for a horse float, borrowers usually need to provide details about their income, employment history, credit history, and information about the horse float itself. The lender will assess this information to determine loan eligibility and terms.
  7. Ownership and Insurance: While the horse float is used as collateral, the borrower retains ownership and possession of the horse float during the loan term. The lender may require the borrower to maintain comprehensive insurance coverage on the horse float to protect their interests.

Secured loans for horse floats provide borrowers with a means to finance the purchase of a more expensive horse float while providing lenders with added security. It’s essential to carefully consider loan terms, interest rates, and repayment obligations before committing to any type of loan, whether it be secured, business or unsecured. Consulting with a reputable lender or financial advisor like iCREDIT can help you navigate the process and make an informed decision.

iCREDIT is dedicated to offering a wide range of transparent secured financing options throughout Australia for new and used horse floats, gooseneck trailers and stock trailers. We understand that everyone has different requirements, which is why we’re committed to provide an extensive range of loan options through our partnerships with leading banks and specialised lifestyle lenders.

Your next horse trailer purchase can be made possible with a flexible loan with easy to understand, clear options.

Access a panel of over 40+ of Australia’s leading banks and business horse float financiers.

We offer a simple application & loan settlement process, all completed online

Secured Horse Float Loan FAQ’s

With a secured horse float loan, the lender provides funding to you to purchase a horse float or gooseneck trailer.

Upon settlement of your loan and payment to the seller, the financier lodges an interest with the PPSR (Personal Property and Security Register) against the horse float. You take delivery of the float.

Once you have repaid the loan, the financier removes their interest giving the customer clear title.

Applying for a horse float loan with iCREDIT is easy.

Simply enter a few details into our online application form or contact us on 1300 350 118 to talk to us about your secured loan requirements.

Secured Loans can be used to purchase horse transport from both retailers / manufacturers as well as private sales

iCREDIT offer pre-purchase approval loans, helping you research your horse float and buy with confidence knowing your funds are readily available.

Secured Loans can also be used to purchase other asset such as cars motorbikesboatscaravanstrucks, and machinery

If you are choosing a secured loan for your a private sale vehicle, it’s important to know that some lenders will vary interest rates depending on the age of the horse float and your overall loan application.

The simple answer is Yes.

Having a poor credit file, defaults or slow repayment history on your credit file can reduce your chances of gaining a secured horse float loan with ‘mainstream’ banks.

We understand there are always reasons behind credit issues and work with you to gain an understanding of what happened.

With our strong relationships with lenders, we work hard to achieve the best outcome for our customers.

Secured loans generally offer lower interest rates as they use the horse float as security to reduce the risk for the lender. This means should the loan default due to non payment, the financier can reposess the horse float and recover the funds.

Unsecured (Personal) Loans do not need security to be held against the loan, so generally come with a higher interest rate.



Why Choose Us?

Choosing Horse Float Trailer finance is not as daunting as it could be when you have iCREDIT in your corner. Whatever your requirements and whatever your financial situation, we’re on your side. We’re backed by national buying power, which means that we’re in the best position possible to negotiate better, more affordable finance rates for you. Going through us is simpler, more affordable and more rewarding than going to banks directly for financing.

Whether you’re buying a new or used horse float or gooseneck, have your eye on a private sale, stock trailer or just need someone to give you a go with second chance float finance; Make the smart choice by talking to one of our dedicated finance consultants today and you’ll be well on your way to securing equine transport to suit your fur friends. We do all the heavy lifting for you, as at iCREDIT, we’re your one-stop equine financing solution.

What Our Customers Say

This is the 2nd time I've worked with Matt. He was recommended to me as he helped someone get a loan who might not have been able to.He's helped me get 2 cars so far and even my dealership was impressed at the speed at which he organised everything and settled the contract.I will continue to use Matt for all vehicle loans.
Ethan H.
00:18 19 May 23
Kim is extremely helpful and very good at what she does. Quite happily recommend her.
10:25 17 May 23
Doing business with Kim was a breeze. Kept me informed throughout the process. Highly recommended 👌
andrea M.
05:10 04 May 23
Can’t thank Emily enough, gorgeous person to deal with!! Patient and understanding Thankyou for the lovely service
Kiara T.
14:35 15 Apr 23
derek S.
12:31 06 Apr 23
I got my car loan processed and approved super quick, without any issues.AMAZING AND PROFESSIONAL
Eliza C.
06:41 06 Apr 23
Kim was excellent to deal with working with me outside of business hours definitely helped to, will definitely be going back to Kim for any broker needs!
Maxwell B.
01:56 05 Apr 23
Emily fromICREDIT was most helpful very easy to contact at all times for any help at any time couldn’t recommend her enough
casey H.
02:47 03 Apr 23
Kim is absolutely fantastic!She always had good communication during the process.Everything was quickNo words for her efficiencies and dedication .Well done Icredit to have such a valued team 😊
Yazmina L.
01:38 23 Feb 23
Good afternoon please I don't understand this app again you use auto debt to debt from account the sum of 36920 and you still asking me to pay please Check ur record well
Adekunle A.
11:34 25 Dec 22
Kim is a great help, friendly and helpful, makes it a lot easier than doing it alone.I will be using her when ever I need something
adam B.
22:38 24 Nov 22
Great service, very prompt from Kim in what was a slightly difficult situation, would highly recommend!!
Jason W.
03:54 21 Nov 22
Todd B.
10:05 05 Oct 22
Kim was very friendly, helpful and nothing was a bother she went out of her way to help fantastic. Would use Icredit againFelicity23/9/22
Felicity K.
10:59 26 Sep 22
Ryan M.
12:33 22 Sep 22
I dealt with Wayne during my loan application! I did not expect the service I received! I’m talking after hours I’m talking any time of day or night this man was the most amazing person I’ve ever dealt with we clicked not just on a professional level but person as well! I was really taken aback by the service this man provided me I’m not too computer smart and done the whole thing on the phone! Thanks to this man my special needs child has one thing in his life now that makes him smile more than I’ve seen this child smile in my life! It was a quad bike I applied for and Wayne was absolutely amazing throughout the whole process would ask if I wanted help with the forms during his OWN TIME AFTER HOURS I can not thank this man enough! He’s given my child a smile I’ve not seen before and if anybody out there is looking to finance anything! I strongly recommend you call icredit and ask for Wayne! I can’t thank this man enough for his efforts and commitment! Forever grateful to this man I wish I could buy him a beer or ten as a thank you! Remember the name Wayne!!! He’s your man people! 100% thank you so very much
Damon A.
08:26 09 Sep 22
Kim was happy to help at any time, great work
Victor S.
23:19 01 Sep 22
Just like to thank Kim shelverton for her excellent customer service. Was a pleasure doing business with Kim a very big thank you once again cheers Scott and Sharon.
Scott G.
06:17 18 Aug 22
Kim in Hobart was amazing. Was a quick approval and she was easy to deal with knowledgable and very easy to deal with! If your in the market for a boat or bike she is your gal! Thanks Kim and i-credit
willliam C.
09:16 05 Aug 22
Scott at Icredit!!! What a legend!!! At July 2022, interest rate rises and changes to rules for lending (now includes Afterpay and zip pay statements to be included) got given the run around!! Saved me a lot of stress and heartache!!! Got there in the end!! Kept me updated answered any questions I had!! Highly recommended
Bron W.
02:56 28 Jul 22
Easy to deal with, friendly staff
Brad H.
10:02 25 Jul 22
We had a fantastic lady deal with our matter a she was great, she had all the answers we needed and nothing was to much.I cannot speak highly enough of she .great job.
Kevin H.
06:51 21 Jun 22
We dealt with Kim and she was very fast and clear with requests and over all pleasant to deal with compared to others. We had our loan approved within days and we are over the moon with how easy it all was considering our work hrs and location. Highly recommend Kim!
Teagan K.
06:47 08 Jun 22
Anthony James A.
03:41 24 May 22
bash G.
10:02 16 May 22
The best finance customer experience ever, Kim was absolutely outstanding in the most fluid financial transaction I have ever experienced .Once again thank you Kim for your hard work , and processing my application in such a timely fashion. 😁😁
Jason B.
05:40 13 May 22
I would highly recommend iCREDIT and definitely recommend Scott. Not only was he extremely efficient and professional. He went above and beyond to help me out. I will definitely use Scott and iCREDIT again.
Sally P.
01:23 13 May 22
We got referred to Christine by a friend and it was the best decision we made! She was amazing to deal with always ready to answer any questions we had. She made it a simple and easy process, she saved us a lot of money, we can’t thank her enough for all her help, she went above and beyond to get us our car. We will definitely use her again if we ever need! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!
Holly M.
10:51 02 May 22
We have dealt with Christine Pyle multiple times for our finance needs, and everytime she has gone above and beyond to assist us. Christine is professional, knowledgeable and caring. We highly recommend her for any of your finance needs, and will be definitely calling Christine for any of our future finance needs!!
Anita W.
05:09 02 May 22
I can highly recommend Scott, for his fast, friendly and professional service. Nothing was too much trouble. 100% Delivered. Happy Customer
Deidre C.
03:04 17 Mar 22
Kim was great to deal with, very fluent and clear with communication and able to get the money I needed . Very impressed wit the service that was provided
Adrian S.
08:03 15 Mar 22
Mara O.
00:55 27 Jan 22
scarlett B.
12:18 14 Dec 21
I bought my gooseneck from Peaceland floats. This was delivered to Christine's home for us to collect. When we got there we soon discovered my vehicle I had bought had not been fully finished to legally tow my gooseneck as I had requested . Christine bent over backwards to assist in getting the modifications sorted through a dealership close by to so we didnt have to make the over 600k round trip again. She was amazing as helped us so much even though we hadn't gone via her to buy the trailer. Anything else we need to acquire in the future we will be definitely contacting Christine . I totally recommend her for your needs . If she bent over backwards for us with our own little glitch and made it happen, the mind boggles what professional service she would bringfrom the beginning .
Robbie B.
05:37 15 Nov 21
Al was extremely easy to work with and very pleasant to speak to, very happy with the help.Would recommend these guys to anyone
Diana T.
05:12 29 Oct 21
Christine was amazing easy to talk to and offered finance options that suited my needs. I was very happy with her services and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone else.
Tammy S.
09:54 13 Oct 21
Kim was great to deal with and kept in constant contact with me over the whole process of refinancing. She saved me 10% on my personal loan and helped me purchase my dream motorbike. I couldn't recommend enough
Arron B.
20:15 02 Oct 21
I can not thank Christine and Renee from icredit enough for their service and determination in helping with my purchase. They are professional and work to get the best outcome possible.I highly recommend both Christine and Renee.
Chasing Change - Life C.
23:20 27 Aug 21
Matt O.
10:27 16 Jun 21
I would like to thank Christine for the amazing job she did getting my brand new car. This is the first time I have used Christine and I can’t thank her enough .Christine helped with not only the finance but the purchasing of the car as well, would highly recommend anyone needing finance.
Michael W.
05:20 03 Jun 21
I would like to thank Christine for the amazing job she did getting my brand new car. This is the first time I have used Christine and I can’t thank her enough .Christine helped with not only the finance but the purchasing of the car as well, would highly recommend anyone needing finance.
Michael W.
05:10 03 Jun 21
Wayne was terrific. Got me the financial help I needed to get my new horse float. He did all the work and it was so easy. Recommend Wayne 200%
Sarah W.
22:37 02 Jun 21
Anthony L.
09:50 26 May 21
Christine took all the pressure off and gave sound advice when I applied for my loan. She put me at ease every step of the way, kept in touch and handled some of the ground work for me and the process which I thought would be daunting was a breeze. Thank you Christine, thank you iCREDIT.
Miria M.
06:07 21 May 21
Kim was awesome in helping me get my car loan. Thankyou so much Kim xx
Lesley W.
09:13 12 May 21
Thank you for your assistance Jason brazier 🤙
Jason B.
06:01 12 May 21
I would like to give a massive thank you to Christine of icredit when I recently purchased a horse float through Peaceland Horse Floats.Christine spent a lot of time discussing the pros and cons of various types of floats and I was also able to go to her home to view her custom float for ideas and to see if I liked the model.Once I purchased my float, she was happy to have it delivered to her home so I could collect from there.When I went to register the float, there was an issue whereby the staff member who measured the float said it was too wide (an error on their part). Christine spoke to dept of transport & the manufacturer to resolve the issue for me.The next day she arranged for an independent inspection certificate to be done (which the manufacturer paid for). There was nothing wrong with the float but Christine's efforts meant I could then register without having to re-present my float for measuring.I would highly recommend Christine to anyone looking to finance the purchase of their next float. She went above & beyond to make the experience as seamless as possible.
Caroline J.
04:58 15 Apr 21
I would highly recommend Christine from iCREDIT. Christine was extremely helpful and professional in helping us secure a car loan and I would recommend Christine for all financial assistance. Michelle and Gavin.
Michelle T.
02:48 11 Apr 21
The best broker I have ever dealt with. if you require a loan for a caravan, Kim will make the process smooth and hassle free.Nothing was too much trouble and her ability to explain the often complicated small print in layman's terms was invaluable.Thanks again Kim, I can thoroughly recommend iCredit.
Craig M.
11:20 08 Apr 21
Kim was nothing short of professional. She worked with me to achieve the best outcome possible and was there every step the way. She explained everything to me in terms which was easily understood and worked out my needs. If you need any finance she is your person to talk too. She will go above and beyond to ensure your financial needs are cater for without compromise. Thanks again Kim!
Timothy C.
09:43 07 Apr 21
So easy to work with best loan experience in my life so far ..
brianna S.
09:20 07 Apr 21
Friendly service and a quick response. The support we got from Wayne was outstanding. Highly recommended , the bestThank you
Andreas M.
08:32 25 Mar 21
Beautiful person to deal with. Took the stress out of it all and made my dreams come true thank you christine
Christine G.
23:53 02 Mar 21
Christine was a real pleasure to work with nothing was a hassle and she was very prompt and efficient with her service.I would highly recommend her service.A top Aussie Sheila
Murray W.
02:39 23 Feb 21
Julie was professional and easy to talk to from the outset of our enquiry. She understood our needs and did a fabulous job finding the right loan for us. We had approval within hours and settlement within 3 business days. It was an easy and wonderful experience and we would recommend her services to anyone looking for a professional, experienced and skilled broker.
Anieve J
23:02 29 Jan 21
Emily and Scott went above and beyond for me, they returned calls after buisness hours and were incredibly friendly and helpful throughout the entire process! Thankyou Emily and Scott!!
Carly D.
01:52 04 Jan 21
Lyn W.
19:49 28 Dec 20
Once again Christine from iCredit has gone well & above the call of duty in securing a loan for us for a new horse float. Christine is a pleasure to deal with & takes the stress out of borrowing & makes the transaction smooth & easy.icredit & Christine are the only company that we will deal with in the future...We can't Thankyou enough Christine x.
Elizabeth F.
09:26 10 Dec 20
Many thanks to Kim for her prompt and professional service organising finance for a machinery purchase. Nothing was too much trouble for her ,she made the whole process smooth and hassle free. Great job Kim , I will certainly recommend your services to anyone looking to make finance an easy experience
Paul M.
06:49 28 Nov 20
Lachlan S.
05:19 28 Nov 20
Kim Shelverton is a great broker, she guided us through the whole process and made getting the money to buy our brand new caravan really easy.
Karen F.
09:56 26 Sep 20
really fast and good service
Matthew Q.
04:48 25 Sep 20
100% Hands down the best team for your financing needs. I have been using and happily recommending Icredit for over 8 years for both my own business equipment finance and also for our customers. Hundreds of loans secured by Icredit and nothing but great feedback. Nobody else compares 👌
Andrea J.
03:13 11 Sep 20
Kim was really lovely. Great customer service and helped me get a great car 👍👍👍👍
Vombatus P.
02:32 09 Sep 20
We have had Christine help us with 2 major purchases and this lady is magic. Christine thank you for making both times stress free, you have set the bar high and I could not recommend your services enough.
Tammi C.
04:13 15 Jun 20
I would highly suggest using iCREDIT if going for finance as Scott is amazing to deal with and makes everything so simple and easy. Scott always answers the phone which is a big thing for me so if I had questions or wanted to know something I knew I could ring him at anytime and get the answers that I needed. Scott kept me up to date with what was going on and I never felt like I was being left out of the loop. Amazing company and will be using them again in the future. Thankyou scott
Tanya L.
23:06 13 May 20
I would HIGHLY recommend iCredit, Christine was amazing for us. She done it in the time frame we needed and she is just incredible. She made the process so stress free!! 10/10 would recommend Christine if you are looking for your next Horse float!!
Justin G.
03:32 18 Jan 20
Scott was great to deal with..especially with both of the loans..our daughters float and our new 4x4 which is called 'Crisis' 😍😍 Nothing was ever a hassle..we were kept up to date with what was happening...the whole process was not as stressful as we thought it would be lol...And even tho it was a couple of months between transactions he remembered who we were...I highly reccommend scott and the icredit team
Liz B.
06:56 19 Sep 19
Highly recommended .. they are extremely professional!
Maria E.
02:03 10 Jul 19
Absolutely AMAZING customer service!! Couldn’t recommend Icredit enough!! Scott went above and beyond to assist me with the finance of my new float ♥️
Kelly S.
08:17 19 Jun 19
Great service and always help out
Wally C.
12:58 01 May 19
I would like to thank Christine from icredit for being totally awesome and professional. This is the 3rd time I have dealt with Christine and I couldn’t be happier with the results . Not only did Christine find the lowest interest rate she also had everything done and signed in no time . I highly recommend Christine at icredit . Thankyou
Liz R.
06:52 29 Mar 19
Totally fantastic service by the Team.Especially Scott Collins who made my application for a new work vehicle so easy
Scutt N.
23:12 19 Feb 19
Amazing service Scott was fantastic and great communication. Highly recommended
Anna P.
12:34 15 Dec 18
Awesome people awesome service.
Toula S.
08:54 27 Nov 18
With ICredit and thanks to Scott was able to get car loan easily and no stress. Cannot recommended him or ICredit enough.
Donna M.
02:21 13 Nov 18
Excellent service - responsive, efficient and friendly.
Cate H.
22:00 12 Nov 18
Scott was absolutely amazing both times we used ICredit. He made the loan process uncomplicated and easy for us. Very understanding and helpful. Will be dealing with him again.
Kath H.
19:41 10 Oct 18
Huge thanks to Christine!!!She seriously is a dead set legend!She made the impossible happen when no other broker could.She has helped me get my dream float at Tuza and I couldn’t be happier!!Will be using her again in the future and will be sure to tell everyone I know about her!She deserves a bigger pay packet that’s for sure!!!Thanks again Christine.
Kayla Frankie P.
07:50 27 Jun 18
Wish I could give 10 ☆ Matt was absolutely fantastic to deal with went above and beyond will definitely use icredit again for any finance needs Thanks Matt
Shell T.
07:02 29 May 18
Cannot recommend Scott enough! Sourced a great interest rate, easy to contact and worked hard to get loan finalised by our deadline. Thank you �
Alyssa H.
07:42 19 Apr 18
Scott handled my situation so professionally, along with great customer communication. I could not be happier with the service provided by iCredit. Thank you again.
Brennan T.
09:42 01 Feb 18
We applied for the secured loan on Monday and I am collecting my new horse float today. Scott Collins has been amazing with excellent customer service all hours of the day when we had questions. Would highly recommend these guys.
Justine D.
06:08 22 Dec 17
Julie from icredit was absolutely amazing, she was so awesome to deal with got me exactly what I wanted hassle free and did all the hard work for me. I will not be going anywhere else in the future and will be recommending her to everyone I know who needs a loan.
Annie C.
06:54 27 Oct 17
Julie was amazing. Went above and beyond what we would or could of ever expected from anyone. Would recommend to anyone!!!
Rochelle L.
21:00 24 Aug 17
After dealing with Christine on several occasions for numerous purchases of ours, we cannot recommended her highly enough!! Amazing service is an understatement!! We're definitely customers of hers for life!!
Jess P.
23:29 05 Jul 17
Scott was amazing with all his guidance in financing our new gooseneck. 5 star for his service just does not do it justice. Thank you for all your help...... Bring on tomorrow can't wait to collect our new home away from home......
Toni C.
02:52 23 Jun 17
Matt provided a great service and found me a good car loan in a short time frame. He was very patient with my questions and worked through a few financial issues for me too. Would definitely recommend.
Jono K.
02:56 20 Jun 17
Scott and the team at iCredit are defiantly the most knowledgable. Very helpful, friendly and prompt services without the headaches - would always recommend these guys!
Corey K.
01:06 14 Feb 17
Matt provided a gold standard service can't recommend highly enough. I would go to Matt before any bank in the future 👍🥂cheers to you Matt
Gaye Tunbridge B.
07:15 08 Feb 17
Briohny M.
06:31 23 Jan 17
Scott from iCredit is a legend!, his skill and knowledge made sure I got the deal I was after, stress free and fast!!I cant thank Scott enough for his help, I will be sure to recommend iCredit and refer all the people I know your way.
Nathan L.
09:48 28 Nov 16
Dealing with Icredit has been excellent and Scott Collins and team go above and beyond to secure the right loan. I would highly recommend their service.Jason The Tavern
Patrica N.
23:43 07 Nov 16
Christine is the go to woman for all finance needs. I can't thank her enough for the deal she got on the car and the finance. Very low rate and the exact car I wanted. Definitely recommend her.
Daniel C.
11:24 25 Oct 16
Thank you Christine Pyle for all your assistance! What a smooth, easy transaction. You took this situation that is always stressful and handled it all! I simply said what I was after and you did the rest. I can't thank you enough for the outstanding customer service and support! You stayed in contact with updates and turn around was so quick ...If you are looking for a car, give her a call you won't be disappointed. Thank you for the stress free interaction.
Renee F.
10:22 30 Sep 16
Thank you Scott, Matt and Julie for your proffessional and friendly business
Anne-marie Rivière G.
05:45 27 Feb 16
Thanks to Scott. A great help for someone who is self employed. Nothing was too hard. Handled everything for us.
Nick A.
06:08 08 Oct 15
Thank you so much Matt.I cant believe how quick and easy you made getting my horse float loan.Highly recommend this service (and the staff are so helpful, knowledgeable and friendly! !!!
Sharon Eslick S.
23:48 24 Jun 15
Dedicated to helping you to realise your dream.
Pat C.
12:10 14 Oct 14
I would most definitely recommend Scott at icredit, he was fast efficient and very friendly. It was a smooth and pleasant transaction, I would not hesitate to deal with Scott again.
Stephanie P.
09:36 01 Oct 14
Would most definitely recommend Christine for her professional attitude and helpfulness. She got the loan approved at a way better rate than the bank and car dealership, insurance was very cheap and she even got a better price on the car for me. Best finance broker and a one stop shop.
Dylan W.
07:07 15 Sep 14
Just wanna say a quick and a massive thank you to icredit nd Scott for your help..Scott keep up the good work and I will recommend you and icredit to any of my friends nd family members, thanks again..!!
Solematt F.
21:49 28 Jul 14
I have just moved to QLD from WA and Christine Pyle has been an amazing support for me to finding the perfect car for me. Christine made me feel so valued and went above and beyond to help me and my husband with the paperwork and other requirements needed to complete everything. I have certainly recommended Christine's professional and respectful standard and style of work to my friends and family and I would not hesitate to work with her again. Thanks so much Christine - you rock!!
Maria H.
01:17 24 Jul 14
Paul S.
22:16 23 Jun 14
Très bon
Nakan Modeste H.
09:58 03 May 14
Scott is a true legand, without him I would have not got my horse float. Aways rang me back and was always polite and helpful. Thankyou icredit and Scott
Raelene H.
08:37 30 Apr 14



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