Stress Free Cosmetic Surgery Finance

Working with iCREDIT has never been easier to obtain cosmetic surgery loans suited to your requirements and budget.

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more available than ever before; with some procedures taking no longer than a lunch break and minor surgeries performed over a long weekend.

We understand the costs associated with medical finance and can help ease the strain of a procedure through comparing lenders and loans to match your individual needs & budget.

Working with iCREDIT has never been easier to obtain a personal loan for your purchase and having the support of your own financial consultant,  you can be assured of gaining the best possible answer for your requirements and budget.

Medical Loans

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Eye Surgery Loans

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Dental Loans

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Hair Transplant

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Cosmetic Loans

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Augmentation / Reduction Loans

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Loans to fund different procedures

Choice of Unsecured or Secured Loans

Fixed interest rates

Flexible Payments

Hair Transplant

Augmentation / Reduction

Laser Eye Surgery

Dental Finance



Why Choose Us?

Having iCREDIT in your corner; Whatever your requirements or financial situation, we’re on your side. We’re backed by national buying power, which means that we’re in the best position possible to negotiate better, more affordable cosmetic loan rates for you. Going through us is simpler, more affordable and more rewarding than by applying at multiple banks yourself, as we compare lenders & loans to find approvals matched to your circumstances; and with your loan managed by your very own personal finance consultant will give you the confidence of knowing you’ve achieved the best possible answer for your circumstances.