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2015 Ford Ranger Review

Throughout all these years, the renowned motor company called Ford has won the hearts of many people. Because of their variation in making motor vehicles all types of people love them, and as always in 2015 Ford has launched their next generation four door dual cab utility which also is the top selling Ford in Australia!

There are times when you find yourself behind the wheel of the Ford Ranger when you can forget you are driving a ute. Once a rough and tumble workhorse, the modern ute has become a family car for many Australians, and Ford has recognised that and focused on making the new Ranger “smarter” and “more efficient” as well as “tougher”.

While the 2015 Ranger looks similar from the outside it has some significant improvements that must be given utterance to. The restyled front end, with trapezoidal grille, new bonnet and repositioned headlights lends the Ranger to a tougher, more imposing look.

Also, changes have been made to the steering introducing a new EPAS system (Electric Power-Assisted Steering) and also to the  suspension giving unique tunes for each grade and bodystyle to make your journey in the car wonderful.

According to Ford, the new EPAS system enhances feel and response and improves fuel economy by up to four per cent by dispensing with a traditional engine-driven pump.

Both the 2.2-litre four-cylinder and the 3.2-litre five-cylinder turbo-diesels have come in for attention, with Ford claiming new turbos, refined injection and EPAS deliver substantial economy gains.The changes have also boosted the 2.2-litre unit’s output by 8kW and 10Nm to 118kW at 3200rpm and 385Nm from 1600 to 2500rpm. The 3.2-litre engine still produces 147kW at 3000rpm and 470Nm, but peak torque didn’t change very much as it now kicks in 250rpm higher, from 1750rpm to 2500rpm .

Auto stop/start now makes an appearance on manual 4×4 and 4×2 HiRider models, while a speed limiter is available across the board. Single Cab, Super Cab and Double Cab variants are available, in cab/chassis or pick-up guise, and in either 4×2 or 4×4. In all, 37 models are on offer.

While the vehicle’s performance have improved quite a bit,the 2015 Ranger is the most advanced truck ever seen in Australia. With your phone connected, you can ask SYNC™ to make calls or even read your text messages to you2. Whilst our next generation SYNC™2 in Ranger XLT and Wildtrak models lets you continue to work, while you drive take or recieve calls and a lot of other cool stuffs! SYNC™2 works with two 4.2 inch LCD screens where the right screen shows media and the left shows vehicles information.

One of the most coolest features of the 2015 Ford Ranger is when you’re stopped at lights or stuck in traffic, your engine shuts off and then again starts smoothly and immediately while driving off, helping you to drive further on less fuel. Also the sensors and cruise control provides you with the best safety possible.

The Ranger has been an erratic sales accomplishment story for the blue oval in recent years and with good reason. It is an excellent offering from Ford and anyone who wants to ride their journey in a comfy and serene way should go for the new 2015 Ford Ranger.

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