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Lo Doc Car Loans - Business Car Finance - Car Loans for self employed

Lo Doc and No Financial Car Loans, Finance, Rent to Own

Lo Doc or no financial car loans are essentially car loans for Companies, small businesses, partnerships  and sole traders who have limited or no current up to date financials

If you’re self employed, most banks and financiers will request up to 2 years tax returns at the application stage and if you cannot provide this information they will not grant an approval until satisfactory financials can ben provided.

 If you are looking for a business use vehicle, an iCREDIT lo doc or self declaration car loan can assist you in gaining suitable commercial car finance, lease, chattel mortgage or rent to own without having to provide up to date business and individual tax returns.

Our finance consultants are specialists in lo doc, no doc and self declaration vehicle finance and understand the complexities of some loan applications. We manage the entire loan process from start to finish for you, whilst delivering the highest level of customer service. 


       Lo Doc / Self Declaration Loans are suitable for:


Individual / Sole Traders       


    Pty Ltd Companies        


Companies not willing to disclose income.

New Business Ventures

Businesses with incomplete financials


 When applying for a no financials car loan it’s best to talk to a professional finance broker about your loan requirements as there are tax benefits associated with business loans. It is important to ensure you receive the right loan product that’s suitable for your business needs.

Lo Doc Loans traditionally are used to purchase cars, however iCREDIT provide access to funding for equipment, machinery, trucks, medical equipment, trailers, office equipment and more using the Lo Doc Loan Facility.



Contact the team at iCredit on 1300 350 118 if you have further questions about Lo Doc Loans or take a few minutes to Apply Online.


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iCREDIT lo doc and no financial car loans, lease, chattel mortgage and rent to own services are provided throughout Australia including Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Cairns, Sydney, NSW, ACT, Canberra, VIC, Melbourne, TAS, Hobart, SA, Adelaide, WA, Perth, NT, Darwin